Island Facts

Guanaja has a small airport (Black topped) with several daylight arrivals and departures, usually family and friends.

Overall, the population base is sufficiently small that most people become family or friends or both.

The Island, with various small cays around it, is approximately 3×11 miles,  is fairly rugged and hilly, with considerable flora and fauna and forest cover.

You can pretty much get lost here.

There are scores of freshwater streams coursing their way to the sea.

There exists essentially one road on the entire island, with a rumor of more to come; and as of this printing, two handfulls of automobiles.

Virtually all transport is conducted by airplane in or out or by boat here  or there.

Water taxis are available for services, to or from the three main settlements (Mangrove Bight, Savanna Bight, Bonnacca) and to points in between.

In short, you will need a boat.

English and Spanish are both widely spoken and we can access a few others for you on request as there are a variety of expatriates on the island.

Weather, air and water are typically in a delightful range in the 80′s Fahrenheit, although some unpleasantness is bound to occur from time to time in the form of downpours. A part of life.

The reefs around the island are an extension of the second largest barrier reef in the world, (Australia being the largest), extending from Mexico southward.

We have some of the best underwater visibility and clarity and marine life in abundance.

We also have flocks of parrots.

We do strive to answer individual questions, and please ask although some things are secondary to providing a range of real estate for your perusal, purchase and pleasure.